Our Future Picassos and Monets: Rainbow Art Studio Visits LifeMoves | Villa

Creation in Progress

This past week, Rainbow Art Studio volunteered at LifeMoves | Villa in San Jose. Rainbow Art Studio hosts hands-on art classes for students throughout the Bay Area, and this summer, they are sharing their expertise at our summer camp!  The group generously customizes their programs to fulfill the needs and goals of each student. Our first activity started with a clay project, but Rainbow Art Studios offered a variety of projects to ensure that every camper participated enthusiastically.

Getting Started with Clay

On Tuesday, Rainbow Art Studios arrived with boxes full of clay and cups. The camp counselors announced that they would be using clay today! The Rainbow Art Studios volunteers began to pass out clay to each camper, while another volunteer filled up cups with water. The instructor explained that the campers could make anything they want with clay and water. The children were inspired to come up with unique pieces of pottery. The volunteers shared out some creative suggestions, which guided each camper in an individual direction to make what they wanted from clay. One camper said they were going to make a flower pot to plant their favorite flower. Many campers really wanted to make a teacup to use later. Other campers began to think a little outside of the box; these campers created a bar soap dish, which they use every day, and a seal, her favorite animal.

Eventually, each camper finished their piece of art pottery to present to the other campers. Overall, each camper was delighted with their magnificent piece of pottery, and by the end of the day, every child learned an essential lesson. These lessons ranged from refining certain skills to positively participating in an art and crafts activity that changed their attitude about art. We are so thankful for the wonderful art education that Rainbow Art Studios cultivates, and we are incredibly eager to see the fantastic artwork projects the campers will create throughout this summer!

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