Summer Camp Became Science Camp at California Academy of Science for LifeMoves | Haven Family House

Group Picture
Drawing Made by Camper

As soon as the campers from LifeMoves | Haven Family House arrived at the California Academy of Science in San Francisco; they were introduced to a T-Rex Skeleton towering over them! Their excitement filled the room with so much energy, and the counselors knew it was going to be a great day for the campers.

Rainforest Visit

During the thrilling field trip, the campers explored a lavish rainforest, wandering four stories up to a humid habitat. Campers gathered around the counselors and interns, showing their passion for the butterflies fluttering around them. The campers with eagerness to reach the top floor to see the most butterflies, came to a halt when a butterfly sat on a person’s hat. One camper was carefully observing the butterflies in the hope a butterfly would land on him too!

Petting a Starfish

Once at the top of the exhibit, we all descended into a dark aquarium, where the only thing separating us from the hundreds of colorful sea creatures were sturdy glass walls. There were so many sea creatures; the campers were jumping with excitement ready. The campers were thrilled to pet a starfish in the tide pool, with one camper giggling to the counselor that the starfish felt so “squishy!”

The silent bus ride home was an indication that the children had a joyous day. The campers were so exhausted; many of them nodded off to sleep as soon as they got to their seats. With so many fascinating exhibits, their adventure at the California Academy of Science was a day to remember. With so many fascinating exhibits throughout the museum! Again, this field trip was made possible by the generous donations from our community, and we are grateful for the supporters who provide these meaningful experiences to our campers during the summer!

Excitement Expressed

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