The Campers Become the Scientists of Tomorrow at LifeMoves | Haven Family House

Campers Playing with Bristlebot

GoogleServe volunteers came to LifeMoves | Haven Family House in Menlo Park to teach the campers about activities revolving around working together and problem-solving. GoogleServe consists of Google employees volunteering on projects throughout the Bay Area, and this summer, they are sharing the importance of S.T.E.A.M. activities at our summer camp! The group generously offers a variety of activities that are both science and art related to ensure that each student participates enthusiastically!

Bristlebot Boxes

On Wednesday, GoogleServe arrived with a huge box containing even smaller boxes with a colorful design to capture the camper’s attention. The GoogleServe coordinator announced that they would play a game known as blog tag. The objective of this game is to tag people so they could link up with the person initially it until everyone is holding hands together. Our energetic campers were thrilled to be playing a running game.

Bristlebot Building
Bristlebot Building

Once the game ended, the GoogleServe volunteers began to pass out a small box containing two bristle brushes, a tiny battery that had both a blue and black wire, another larger battery that had red wires, googly eyes and instructions. The coordinator announced that the GoogleServe volunteers would be working alongside the campers to guide them throughout their engineering assignment. Once the campers had finished their bristlebot masterpiece, they began playing with their bristlebot with the other campers.

Balloon Rocket in Progress

The materials used in the following activity were a balloon, string, one plastic straw, and tape. The activity was called Balloon Rocket, and the balloon acts as a rocket going from point A to point B. The campers began working in teams sharing out their ideas with the GoogleServe volunteers. As soon as the first two campers finished building their balloon rocket together, everyone had gathered around them in anticipation and amazement of what is to come. “As the air rushes out of the balloon, it creates a forward motion called a thrust which is pushing force created by energy. In this experiment, the thrust came from the energy of the balloon forcing the air out,” said one of the GoogleServe coordinators. Every camper yelled out in enthusiasm, “awesome.”

Paper Plate Challenge

The last task involved a paper plate with safety scissors. The campers began thinking out loud coming up with ideas on how to make the longest line out of paper. Some campers cut across the paper plate while others cut sideways of the plate. The main idea in this situation is to cut thin lines around the paper until you reach the center of the plate, giving you a longer line of paper. That was one of the strategies the campers eventually came up with working together.

Overall though even though some lines were longer than others, the campers had a fantastic time working together and making sure to put their heads together because two heads are better than one.

Everyone’s line made out of Paper
First Camper to Finish

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