CuriOdyssey Becomes a Zoo and Museum for Campers

Group Picture

CuriOdyssey is a science museum and zoo where families can observe wild animals up-close. There is also a kid-friendly science exhibit that teaches children about science experiments involving sound, motion, and vision. The first stop on our summer camp adventure was the zoo exhibit where campers observed animals like the rattlesnake, bobcat, raccoon, and more!

Excited Camper

Once we entered the zoo side of the field trip, we came across a rattlesnake. One of the campers began swiftly looking for the rattlesnake to be the first among her peers to find it. An interesting fact the campers discovered about rattlesnakes is that they leave their mother at just a few weeks old.

Camper Watches Bobcat Napping

The campers also came across some exciting invertebrates, which are animals that do not have bones, such as insects, spiders, and other arthropods like slugs and snails. The campers were so happy to see a banana slug that they jumped with excitement. There were also two tarantulas and a Madagascar hissing cockroach which the campers gathered around to examine.

Enjoying Nature

Everyone walked outside to come across a vast array of birds above them. The garden was beautiful, and the birds added to the environmental aesthetics in the area. The campers took some pictures in the gardens because they were intrigued by the lavish growing plants around them. Eventually, we all moved into the mammal exhibit where for the first time, many counselors and campers came to see a Northern American river otter. The otter trainer began feeding the otter to which the campers with amazement in their eyes watched and all the campers in perfect harmony, said “aww!”

As our zoo trip was ending, we came across some cute raccoons who were scavenging for food among their toys. One of the campers said “the raccoon’s hands are so small,” and then they looked at their hands to compare which only made them giggle in delight.

Curving Creeks Exhibit
Moire Experiments Exhibit

To everyone’s surprise, the campers were captivated by the curving creeks exhibit where they began to play with the sand mixed with water. Some campers began to build heart shapes or stars underwater, while other campers formed different shapes or tried making patterns. Water experiments were the most appealing to the campers as they began to get close to the moire wheel, which allows someone to create a moire pattern. The moire patterns occur when two surfaces with similar patterns overlap as a result of visual interference.

Torrent Exhibit
Soundwave Dancer Exhibit

Everyone had a great time visiting CuriOdyssey because there were a variety of things to do. The science museum side of the field trip displayed a lot of ways for the campers to explore their creativity side from the sound, motion, vision exhibits to the water exhibits. It was an exciting trip that allowed all the campers to gain insight on their creative side.

Friendship at Camp

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