All Creatures Great and Small Visit LifeMoves | Villa

Welcome Wildmind Science Coordinators

Wildmind Science is a close-knit community of friends, volunteers, staff, and donors. This community works together to care for amazing, non-releasable wild animals at their sanctuary and provide nationally acclaimed wildlife educational programs. This summer, Wildmind Science visited LifeMoves | Villa to teach the campers about the extraordinary world of wildlife, with the help of friendly animals.

Our enthusiastic campers greeted the Wildmind Science coordinators, ready to hear more about the upcoming activity. The coordinators explained that they were very thrilled to teach the campers about the exciting life of animals in the wild but noted that these animals are not used to loud noises or meeting such a large group of people. The campers quieted down, waiting attentively for the animals to make an appearance.

Coatimundi Related to the Raccoon

Simultaneously, another coordinator was getting the coati out of their cage. The campers watched with amazement, oohing and aahing in perfect harmony as the adorable coatimundi hugged one of the coordinators! The coordinator began to explain that the coatimundi came from South America. The campers started observing the coatimundi, surprised to see an animal like this here in California. “The coatimundi resembles a raccoon,” one of the campers said. The coordinator agreed, “Yes, you’re exactly right!” to which the camper cheered.

Waving Goodbye

Once the coatimundi left, all the campers turned their heads to say goodbye. The coordinator thanked the campers for being a terrific audience. Then, the campers turned their heads again to face a giant bird, known as a turkey vulture. The campers were captivated by the turkey vulture as it began flapping its wings, causing a small whirlwind of fresh, cool air!

Turkey Vulture
Turkey Vulture Flapping its Wings

Another flying animal that visited camp was a spectacle owl, which had the most beautiful feathers. The owl would turn its head every time the coordinator would move in one direction, and even began to hoot for the campers. The coordinator explained that the owl’s hooting was an indication of the owl trying to communicate with her, which made all the campers giggle!

Famous Spectacle Owl

Wildmind Science provided an exceptional demonstration, with so many unique animals, at LifeMoves | Villa! The campers loved the animals, and it was fun to discover the connections people and animals have in common.

Thank you, Wildmind Science, for bringing in these beautiful animals to teach the children about the incredible world of the Wild Americas! All the campers were jumping with delight after seeing these majestic creatures.

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