All-Stars on Ice: LifeMoves Campers Go Ice Skating

Our Amazing Counselors

Campers and Counselors at LifeMoves wore their warm, winter gear on a Thursday morning and headed to the San Jose Sharks ice rink. Once the campers arrived at the ice rink, you could sense the excitement as the campers raised their hands and jumped up and down! The campers, thrilled to go onto the ice, quieted down as they looked around in awe at the enormity of the ice rink. Their eyes widened even further when the coordinators revealed that the San Jose Sharks team trained in the facility they were standing in! The campers boosted with energy were ready to get out on the ice to show their fantastic ice skating abilities!

Camper’s First Time on the Ice

Once the campers laced up their skates, they descended towards the edge of the ice rink. Some of our nervous, younger campers began grabbing onto their counselors’ hands. Simultaneously, some of our older campers steadily approached the buckets that were conveniently stacked to help skaters keep their balance on the ice.

Excited Camper Ready to Ice-skate

One by one each of the campers slowly grabbed a stack of buckets, encouraging one another that “they could do it!” At first, everyone had shaky legs coming onto the ice rink as they glided across. Many hesitantly skated near the safety of the rink walls to making gliding go a lot smoother, but as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. In no time, our campers were confidently outskating some of our counselors!

Counselors Teaching Campers

Throughout the field trip, the campers raced each other back and forth, across the rink. They giggled as they watched their warm breath in the cold chilly air, and overall everyone was proud that they learned how to skate. As the field trip came to an end, the campers were sad to leave the impressive rink. LifeMoves Campers had an enjoyable time ice skating, and they were able to escape the hot summer weather this Thursday.

Once everyone stepped outside the ice rink, they were greeted by the hot summer heat, which warmed us all up from our chilly field trip. We are all so thankful for the generous support and contributions from the community that gives our campers the opportunity to attend incredible field trips like this one. We are excited to continue to share more about our marvelous summer camp adventures with you!

Using one Hand to Stay Balanced

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