Field Day Extravaganza, Our Campers Celebrate the Last Day of Summer Camp!

Our Final Moment

To celebrate an amazing, fun-packed summer, our campers and counselors went to Flood Park in Menlo Park for an exhilarating field day extravaganza! All of our LifeMoves summer campsites grouped up for a thrilling afternoon of playground games, volleyball, face painting, jump house, and a photo booth!

Camper Enjoying the Jump House
Camper Enjoys Water Ballon Games
All Star Dancers

On the dance floor, the campers and counselors began to dance to songs like the “YMCA” and “Cha Cha Slide.” Everyone was having a great time!

Puppet Show

For those of us involved with summer camp, the last day of summer camp is bittersweet. This is the last time our campers will see their counselors, who they met at the beginning of summer. “Summer Camp ending is the hardest part about being a counselor,” one of the Summer Camp interns said. Once our counselors and campers began to say their goodbyes, it was clear to see how much of an impact the ACES summer program had on everyone involved.

Trio of Best Friends
Siblings Photo

Thank you to the generous volunteers and donations that made our summer camp possible. Summer camp had such a positive impact on our families, who are working hard to achieve self-sufficiency while their children are able to enjoy fun-filled days. Summer Camp also influenced many of our interns, who now want to continue their work with nonprofit organizations once college is over. LifeMoves has provided such a beautiful place for children to learn, play, and grow during their time of transition. It has been a pleasure working alongside incredible people who want to see everyone grow and live happily.

Face Painting in Action
Art in Progress

We look forward to future adventures and many summers ahead that will help our campers learn and grow.

Camper Excited About Field Day
Camper with Pinata

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