Our Reptilian Friends Visit LifeMoves | Villa

Group of Friends with White Tree Frog

Lick Your Eyeballs is a live animal program that introduces children to a lizard without legs, geckos that lick their eyeballs, a tree frog from Australia and many more fun creatures! This program focuses on reptiles and amphibians of the world.

The trained Lick Your Eyeballs educator entered LifeMoves | Villa with two crates. The campers sat around her as she explained that the reptiles they will encounter would feel more comfortable when it is quiet. The campers jumped up with excitement, while trying to remain as calm and quiet as possible.

Camper with our Sticky Gecko Friend

The educator first introduced the gecko to the campers, explaining how geckos have sticky feet that allow them to climb up trees and various objects. Geckos also do not have eyelids, so they lick their eyeballs clean. Each camper had an opportunity to pet the gecko; the campers would put their hands out to indicate that they wanted to carry it. The campers attentively watched their peers as the gecko climbed their arm, and many were so surprised about the gecko’s sticky feet!

Excited to hold a Ball Python
Camper with Ball Python
Camper 2 with Ball Python

One of the campers raised his hand to inquire, “Will we see a snake?” The educator responded cheerfully that the next friendly reptile visiting camp would be a ball python snake. A ball python snake is unique because they have their own distinctive, beautiful and unique pattern. The campers, thrilled to see a ball python, asked the educator if they could take pictures with the snake. The campers had a smile across their face as they picked up the snake, and many of them were so amazed by the slithering, friendly reptilian.

A Legless Lizard (WOW)

The next reptilian friend, a legless lizard, was a surprise to all the campers. One camper curiously asked whether the snake and lizard were friends because of the resemblance between the two. The fascinating lizard resembles a snake because it adapted to live in a burrow, which is why they lack limbs. An intriguing fact that left everyone, including the counselors, impressed is that the legless lizard can reject its tail in the case of danger against predators.

Delighted Camper with White Tree Frog
Thrilled Camper with White Tree Frog

The next amphibian and reptile introduced were very captivating due to their size. The first was a white tree frog that was the size of a small toy. Everyone wanted to take a picture with the white tree frog because of its adorable size. A remarkable fact about white tree frogs is that they can produce mucus. This mucus has properties that get rid of bacteria, viruses, and other things that may try to live on the frog’s damp skin. The frog has a very soft and squishy exterior that many of the campers enjoyed touching. The other creature was a white throat monitor lizard named Darwin, and he is a five year-old, four-foot lizard. The campers were mesmerized by the lizard’s size, but they were very interested in Darwin’s calm and relaxed attitude.

Enthusiasm Expressed

Lick Your Eyeballs, thank you for visiting LifeMoves | Villa!

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